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Insight 2.6

Bynari's Insight client is available here for free.

About TradeClient

TradeClient is a UNIX mail client and personal information manager for X. It uses GTK+ and includes support for multiple accounts, both POP3 and IMAP, SMTP, and LDAP. It includes an address book that can interact fully with an LDAP server, and a personal calendaring system.


Originally TradeClient was sponsored by Bynari Inc., but it was realized that the effects of commercial support had a limiting effect on the direction and development of the project. Now Bynari has given this project to the open source community, to develop how we see fit, and do with what we want.

Developers Wanted!

We're looking for people who'd like to contribute to this open source project. So if you're interested in becoming a developer for TradeClient, email me, Trey Tabner or Tom Adelstein.

TradeClient 0.9.0

IMAP support has been implemented, so it's no longer just "basic" downloading of messages, it's the real thing. Also, Dieter Fiebelkorn has contributed code that allows TradeClient to read and write MBOX style mailboxes. So now it supports local mailboxes, but it's not able to be setup in the Account Settings just yet, I'm planning on that soon. For now, just make a link from $MAIL (or whatever) to ~/.tradeclient/(whatever you want to call it). Other than that just the basic polishing up and lots of bug fixes. Oh yea, timed background mail checking is working again. Also incorporated are some mime processing fixes by Charles Hornberger.

Contributed Files is a perl script to convert ldif format to TradeClient format, contributed by Jeff Armitstead. Thanks!


Here is a screenshot taken from tradeclient 0.9.0.
If you've got screenshots you want here, mail them to me.

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